The best tourist place in the world is the place where our father and mother are living.No other place can compensate is it.Blood is always thicker than water.When we live in the city we forget our parents.There may be many reasons for us to substantiate.There may be days that we forget our parents.But if you ask them how often they remember us,they will say that they remember us every moment.Our bondage is with our career. We give importance to the career-related tensions and issues.We forget our father and mother in the great ocean of day-to-day affairs.We are ready to spend lakhs and lakhs for tour the world.But,we neglect our parents who suffer in the great heat of 4 degrees.We dont care even to spend 50,000 rupees for the purchase of an AC for them.Where are we going?


When the day ends

When a day ends,just evaluate yourself how far you were better than yesterday. If you were better than yesterday,the day was fruitful for. If not,the day was waste. How many waste days you had so far and how many fruitful days you had ? 

News papers

Most of the teachers do not know the current affairs,latest who is who?, General knowledge and they teach students. What will be the condition of students?